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Conversations With MD



I wanted to invite one of my favorite humans, teachers and collaborators to have a conversation about yoga, practice and what we both love about Katonah Yoga.


Listen to learn a little more about Felipe’s path and practice; How we utilize the theory in our lives, practice and teaching; Why we think it’s a great to mesh and merge it with other physical techniques and modalities; How we meet people where they are; And how we use metaphor as a way to cross-reference information for an embodied three-dimensional experience.


We are excited to dive deeper into this conversation and offer practical tools of understanding and integrating the theory in our upcoming Eye of The Teacher Mentorship (March 18-April 15.)  Listen to the whole episode for a discount code at the end.



Show notes:


Learn More About the Mentorship Here





Empowered Yoga


Link to Instagram Post about Uhhh and um….(with references)

Felipe Gonzalez ~ 2.9.23


All Things Practice, Life & Katonah Yoga

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