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 Eye of The Teacher Mentorship 2023

w/ Mary Dana Abbott & Felipe Gonzalez

March 18-April 15 
Saturdays 11-1:30 pm ET

Recordings available until May 31, 2023

   Every year Felipe and I offer a mentorship designed for teachers (and students) who want to learn more about Katonah Yoga® Theory and how to incorporate it into what they already teach and practice. We are so excited to collaborate together again to share our insights, familiar and new, with a group of teachers excited by and interested in the theory. 

Over the course of our mentorship we will explore: 

  • Cross-referencing the maps and materials of Katonah Yoga with other disciplines of practice 

  • How to introduce the material: The art of persuasion in teaching 

  • Reading the room: cueing the individual and communal in ways that are effective and useful

  • Playing with archetypal patterns, sacred geometry and metaphor to sequence and construct practices: personal, private and group

  • Developing a personal teaching template and other tools to avoid burnout as a teacher

  • Finding the balance between preparation and spontaneity in your teaching 

  • The underlying simplicity of the theory, and learn how to layer elements and make connections​

What the mentorship Includes:

  • 4 2.5-hour meetings/lectures with Felipe and Mary Dana (No session April 8)

  • Weekly writing prompts and assignments to process the material

  • Access to all MDY live classes and replays from the day you sign up

  • A designated course web page with all meetings, classes and materials 

  • Participation in practice teaching sessions (optional, but will count towards your hours)