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Work With Me 1:1

A one on one private/mentorship session online over zoom with the option to record for personal review and use. I work with both teachers and non-teachers.  Sessions can be one offs, or grouped together for a more formal mentorship to work on longer and shorter term goals.


Topics we Might Cover

  • Asana & Biomechanics

  • Constructing a Home Practice

  • Chairs

  • Pilates

  • Teaching Private Sessions, In-person & Online

  • Sequencing & Class Construction

  • Business Coaching for Teachers


Each session is 60-minutes

All hours are bankable for Katonah Yoga® certification and CECs.

Book a 1:1 Session 

Select your time zone and then pick a time

Payment is due 24 hours prior to session

Pricing & Packages

*MDY Members save 20% off single sessions and 10% off of packages
MDY Platinum Membership includes one single session a month
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1 Session
Expires in 30 days


3 Sessions
Expires in 90 days


5 Sessions
Expires in 6 months


Working with Mary Dana has shifted the way I approach instructing both private and public classes. Sessions with her are warm and thoughtful. Her mentorship has created space for me to go back to basics and reorganize my teaching from the ground up. Our discussions deconstruct and reconfigure my methodology for creating classes. Over the last year, we have explored sequencing meaningful and imaginative classes weaving Katonah Yoga philosophy with fantastic new approaches to cuing and experiencing asana. Most recently we have begun the incorporation of the chair as a tool for practice. More than ever, with Mary Dana’s mentorship I feel that my classes are impactful and accessible. 


She has gifted me with grace, tools and resources to think bigger which has renewed my passion for my personal practice as well as sharing yoga with others.

~ Katherine Bradshaw, LA Based Yoga Teacher

As a full time yoga teacher for the last 15 years, and studio owner for 7, my practice and my study time is so vital to me, as it's truly foundational in order to continue doing what I love.  It's not easy to find teachers with the wealth of information that Mary Dana has, and who are so accessible to the student, both in time and in personality. I'm so lucky zoom has made this possible to work with her no matter where I am in the world. Every time we meet, she teaches me something new from one of her vast modalities, and holds space for where I'm at, never judging, as she helps me shift to where I want to go. She's helped me adapt when I've been injured or sick, she celebrates my strengths, and she really invites me forward to be the best teacher I can be. Finally, and as much as she holds the professional space, she also is just down to earth and a pleasure to hang out with on the mat. I highly recommend working with Mary Dana whether long term, as she will always keep you laughing and learning, or for short term specific work as well. She's brilliant.  

-Kristen Watson Geering / Owner The Looking Glass Basel 

I have always loved the intelligence and fun of Mary Dana's classes. She creates classes and equally engages my body and mind, leaving me thinking long after.


That awesome and informative experience expands more than I can say when working together one on one. In our time together, Mary Dana addresses what the limitations of a group yoga or pilates class does not - individual focus on everything from physical pain-points to questions about the practice itself.


As a lifetime athlete and long time yoga student, I find this work essential, and fun!

-Tracy Michelle Bullock  / Simplicity Do Your Dream

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