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On Demand Library

There are a number of ways you can practice with me online, anywhere at anytime. I am on five different platforms, including my own where you can find a mix of on-demand classes, livestream replays and guest teachers. Asana, flow, pilates and chairs are all on the platform. 

MDY Membership

All members get access to my whole on demand catalog.


Gold and Platinum members get all classes, livestream, replay and on-demand (my video's on other's studio platforms are not included.). 

Silver members get a class code for one month free. 

All members get workshop discounts and newsletter content. 


Originally filmed in the Fall of 2019, these classes are still student favorites. I integrate Katonah theory in the structure of OG Vinyasa Yoga.  Stability, vision, cultivation self-awareness through cueing.

Summer Sale 50% off the series. Use code SUMMER at checkout of follow this link: 

Other Studio Platforms

The Digital Studio

Yoga Anytime 

Yogis Anonymous 

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