Is personal mentoring for you?

A mentorship might be the jump start you need for new insights and a fresh perspective on your career. The program's mission is to nurture and develop teachers from newbie to more seasoned. My wish is to help you hone the teaching artist within and assist in navigating the complex, and sometimes daunting, yoga world. 

A Mentorship with Mary Dana will Include:

  1. A syllabus of material and projects to pique your curiosity and develop your areas of interests and strengths

  2. A personal roadmap defining your specific goals, and a realistic and exciting plan to achieve them

  3. Regular in-person or Skype meetings to monitor your progress

  4. Option to submit video or audio of your class for more direct feedback and direction


Fill out form below and we will schedule a 15-minute free-phone chat to define your goals and  see if a mentoring program is right for you!




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I have had the honor and privilege to be trained by Mary Dana for my 200-hour yoga teacher training as well as private lessons, workshops and a 50-hour training. Through our asana and alignment-specific work, she has changed my own personal practice and the way I teach my students. A beautiful combination of humor, authenticity, and wisdom, Mary Dana is THE teacher’s teacher. I feel lucky and grateful to consider her a teacher, mentor, and friend.
— Justin Ifill
I have had the unique privilege of starting my 200hr yoga training journey with Mary Dana. And then continued to seek her guidance/training as I dove further into my advanced teacher training. Her approach to yoga and the body is based on hard information of how we move and operate as human beings. She has a way of teaching from her truth, while leaving space for you to find your own creativity and way into your teaching and practice. Her sense of humor and down to earth style, has shaped me into the teacher I am today, and will continue to grow into. Her 50HR Hands On training, allowed me to transform the way that I view the physical forms of my students, and how to handle the body with care and encouragement. I highly recommend Marydana as a teacher, trainer, and overall wonderful human being!
— Francesca Muffaletto