I believe that the yoga practice is an opportunity to get to know reality from the inside out. On the mat, we clean out the inner chaos and clutter so we are fully present to the joys and rigors of daily life. Showing up will keep us agile and lucid in mind and body, so that we can integrate our passions, projects, and adventures into a fun and functional life that flows... Let's move!




hands on workshops & trainings

4/14 @ Prema Yoga BK, 2-5 Aligning Your Adjustments

5/31-6/2 @Grinning Yogi, Seattle

6/7-6/9, 6/22& 6/23 @ Harlem Yoga Studio, NYC

8/7-8/11 @Yoga Loft Manhattan Beach, LA

  • 4/14 @ Prema Yoga BK

  • 5/3-5/5 @ Urban Om MKE

  • 5/11 @ Harlem Yoga Studio

  • 5/18 @Inlet Yoga

  • 5/30 @Grinning Yogi Portland

  • 5/31-6/2 @Grinning Yogi Seattle

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