Re-Defining Open: A Hip Joint Workshop 

Part 2: Standing Poses


Friday, July 9, 2-3:45 pm ET


Live on Zoom and 1-week Vimeo Replay


$20/$10 for members


In modern postural yoga practices, we sometimes conflate the word open with extreme ranges of motion, especially external rotation in bendy contorted postures. To some, this might lead to over-use injuries and wear and tear


In this workshop, we will look at hip openers from a different perspective of the word open, exploring it as a word to reference center and circumference, rather than just stretching.


We will learn how to both stabilize and mobilize the biggest joint of our body by creating and setting up boundaries in practice.


This is the second part of our series and the focus will be standing poses. We will explore warrior 1, warrior 2, triangle, and also warrior poses more associated with Katonah Yoga® practices. 


Once. you sign up you will get a pdf with Zoom & Replay links and recommended props. Please reach out with any questions.

Redefining Open: A Hip Joint Workshop Part 2