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Pilates for Yoga Teachers ~ Module 2: Back & Upper Body

April 5 & 6

Live on Zoom with Two Month Vimeo Replays 

Friday @ 12pm ET & Saturday @ 11am ET | 2.5 Hour Sessions


This module comes a one hour video manual available for you to download and keep. 







Pilates and physical yoga practices have long been linked together as complimentary. They are, especially when you factor in how they are different. Pilates utilizes and works muscles that we are prone to over-stretch in our yoga practices. The system and theory of Pilates also brings us closer to our centers - the core beyond and beneath the aesthetics of the exercise world. 


Because the postures of modern yoga and Pilates are somewhat similar, there are moments in classes where you can seamlessly thread the method in to add dimension, safety and insight.


In this training we we learn how do that, and by doing so, learn more about the physiology and biomechanics of our yoga practices. This training is designed to give you new angles and tools to play with in your teaching and home practice for the long game. 


What We Will Cover:

  •  The anatomy and physiology of the both the mat exercises we cover and the postures they compliment
  • How to sequence mat work in your classes in an efficient seamless way that doesn’t break your pace
  • How to use yoga props, like blocks,  blankets/bolsters, and sand bags instead of Pilates props to get effective results
  • How Pilates mat can make your classes more accessible, safe and fun.  


Training Includes:

  • Video Manual and Online Handout, breaking down and detailing the cues, anatomy and execution of the exercises
  • Access to MDY Livestream Classes for the month of the training
  • Access to Replays for two months
  • Sequencing suggestions to weave excercises into your yoga classes and home practice


Once you sign up for the class you will receive a pdf download with your receipt that contains the links for the live class, replay, playlist and prop recommendations. 


Pay Pal users, please make sure to check the email associated with your PayPal account for the pdf downloads.



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