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Live on Zoom, Fridays, Fridays: July 26, August 9 and September 13 with one-month Vimeo Replays


This three part masterclass series will offer a deeper dive into functional and playful yoga asana with folding chairs and props, 



$60 for all three, $25 individual workshops


Each installment is 75-90 minutes and is bankable for 4 hours of CECS and Katonah Yoga Certification Hours.


PDF will be sent with all links in your receipt of purchase once you sign up. 


Details & Descriptions 


Friday, July 24 ~ Backbody Bliss~ 12-1:15pm ET 

In the first installment of the series we will focus on working our back bodies effectively and effeciently to support us in our postural practices and everyday adventures. Our primary focus will be on the hip, exploring both yoga and pilates movement practices. 


Friday, July 26 ~ Poles and Pliancy ~ 12-1:15pm ET 

In this installment of the workshop we will use a chair and a pole to up our capacity and add an element of playfullness to our practices. 


Friday, August 9 ~ Tempering the Flame  ~ 12-1:15pm ET

In this last installment of the Summer Series we will turn our focus more inward for a restorative and pranayama practice. 




Why Chairs? 

When we use a chair and other props as scaffolding we are able to examine our postural practices and embodied from a  different angle. What we tend to overuse, overwork and over stimulate gets an oportunity to rest, or work differently. This opens up the possibibility for insights in to our patterns and techniques to revise and reimagine if we see fit.


Need props? Check out my prop buying guide.


Please Note:


  • Replay links expire one month after live class.
  • If you are using PayPal, please make sure to check the email associated with your PayPal account for the pdf downloads.

Chairs Summer Series ~ Fridays, July 26, August 9 and September 13 @12pm ET

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